[Pharo-project] Conseils for develop a grid

Alain Plantec alain.plantec at free.fr
Sun Feb 7 06:29:38 EST 2010

Hilaire Fernandes a écrit :
> nullPointer a écrit :
>> Then, there is not way of to improve much more that speed. I want use Pharo
>> for commercial apps too, and surely need load lots of data.
>>> It seems that you're using the stepping  mechanism, it is time consuming.
>>> also the layout managing and invalid areas redrawing. 
>> Is possible fix that?
> What about a late instantiation mechanism for invisible cell morph
I've  tried that (see LazyMorphTreeMorph). It seems to work well.
A list is opened in a second whatever the number of items.
the drawback (a serious one for very long list)  is the scrolling 
because rows are recomputed when they become visible.
try it with
LazyClassListExample new openOn: Object
(for 1.0, get it from www.squeaksource.com/Momo10)
So maybe an example to start with ....


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