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I'm in favor of options like this, but remain convinced that the more layers that appear between the ultimate end user software and the hardware, the worse performance will be.  A while back I was taking the "Seaside is *not* all we need for a GUI" side of a debate and described my cash cow as "an etch-a-sketch with a type A personality" - got a good laugh when I ran across that a couple of years later.  Picture users frantically banging on a tablet, selecting, poking and scribbling.  Pardon my lack of vision, but there is no way in hell that HTML+CSS+JavaScript is going to keep up with it.  I also have my doubts about our current vms in that respect, though Windows and its bloat would be out of the picture.



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Quick thought: WebKit plugin with Javascript language binding.


Consider the kind of system you could build with html 5 rendered UI.

Interesting project: http://phonegap.com

Sadly, I have zero time to work on things outside of paying work these days.

On Feb 27, 2010, at 7:33 AM, Germán Arduino wrote:
> I agree with these comments (don't know if the way to go is Polymorph being that I don't know it deeper) but as I also think that Magritte is a BIG help to write almost any sort of applications.
> I we could have a better (more productive) way of write desktop UIs then we can take over the win-linux.mac market :) I would try myself with my PasswordsPro application (currently in Dolphin). It would be nice to me port PasswordsPro to Pharo and sell it as a real desktop app (native in any operating system) and reuse the same model to have it on web also.
> Having a only one model, with UI in desktop and web will be really awesome, even when a lot of people may claim that is possible today, I'm not really convinced with complex applications.
> Cheers.
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