[Pharo-project] Developing morphic apps with pharo - sorting wheat from chaff

Simon Denier Simon.Denier at inria.fr
Fri Feb 26 04:45:57 EST 2010

Unfortunately, I am not aware of any recent and consistent documentation for this subject. So this is a virgin subject which would make a very good chapter for the next PBE! :)

Meanwhile, I have started to collect a few good links about Morphic, especially layouting which is not well covered by the tutorials (I think)

On 25 févr. 2010, at 17:47, Michael Forster wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm writing a desktop business application for a customer.  Having
> written a number of web applications using Pharo and Seaside, I would
> like to use Pharo and Morphic in this case.
> I have read the section on Morphic in `Pharo by Example', however,
> writing a business application (i.e. CRUD), I need to focus on
> (tedious) data browsing and entry, keyboard navigation, and so on as
> opposed to (cool) interactive morphs.
> My problem is trying to discern the the current and most stable
> approach to using Morphic for such an application.  Clearly, I have a
> wealth of code at my fingertips and the Squeak wiki has numerous
> posts, but many of the latter seem outdated and speak only vaguely of
> the MVC vs. Morphic situation.  Do I use ToolBuilder?  Are pluggable
> morphs a vestige of MVC?  Do I use PolyMorph widgets?  Do I use
> dependencies, events, or announcements?
> I am very interested in seeing Pharo succeed as a business application
> development tool (among other uses), and I would be quite happy to
> contribute to code and documentation to help that along.  However,
> first, I need to learn how to sort the wheat of Morphic from the chaff
> of MVC and whatever else is lying around in a Pharo image.
> Any pointers to (more) definitive documentation and classes would be
> much appreciated.
> Regards,
> Mike
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