[Pharo-project] cull: protocol

Henrik Johansen henrik.s.johansen at veloxit.no
Thu Feb 18 08:23:13 EST 2010

Refactoring the AXAnnouncements abit so there's no separate classes for
0-, 1-, and 2-arg blocks, and really missing these methods from
cull: is equivalent to value: protocol except they accept block with N
or less blockArgs
Yes, I know valueWithEnoughArguments:/valueWithPossibleArgs: provide the
same functionality, but the code looks much less nice using them, you
end up constructing arrays needlessly etc.
Look at the senders of valueWithPossibleArgs: for examples, very few of
those actually need the ability to accept blocks with more arguments
than they provide, and would also look nicer with cull:.

Would anyone object strongly to adding the cull:, cull:cull: methods in
core instead of putting them as extension methods?


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