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Dave Woodward davewoodward at promedmedical.net
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On 2/17/10 6:46 AM, Germán Arduino wrote:
> 2010/2/17 laurent laffont <laurent.laffont at gmail.com 
> <mailto:laurent.laffont at gmail.com>>
>     Hi,
>     I would like to learn on Pharo + databases. I've seen there's
>     several solutions in both object and relational databases.
>     - Which (open source) object database should I start with (most
>     used) ?
> Magma is the option I select, but not tried yet on Pharo.

Magma 1.0v43 works on Pharo, I'm moving a production system to it (still 
in development but I haven't had any problems out of the normal kind 
caused by me mucking around).  From what I've seen Magma is the only 
open source object database in Squeak that is still maintained and 
actively used.  There is also GOODS, but I don't think that's being 
maintained (so you're on your own getting it to work).

As for an object database that can be accessed from BOTH Squeak and 
Ruby... ?  I think you might consider Gemstone/S, because their new Ruby 
product Maglev also runs on top of their Smalltalk runtime, but I have 
no idea how objects created using Smalltalk (like from GLASS) would show 
up in Maglev.  Might be an interesting experiment!
> Cheers.
> Germán.
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