[Pharo-project] Using software engineering practices and tools

Michael Roberts mike at mjr104.co.uk
Tue Feb 16 12:47:09 EST 2010

- Integration server
any more thoughts on hardware ?

-Bug tracking
i'm pretty sure we can edit the issues via SVN. I think we would need
https support for the svn client that was written for squeak, or do it
via cmd line / OSProcess.

-to publish code on code.google.com
what is your vision?
we could push out 'Metacello definitions' (whatever that would look
like) via SVN but we would have a dependency on the SVN client. we
could also push the update stream out in SVN as well.

whilst we are on the subject of visions a comment Lukas made about git
style forking of repositories / pushing changes upstream was really
interesting.   what would happen if we had a tree of maintainers who
each are responsible for parts of the system with their own MC repos,
and change works its way up the tree in a controlled manner. I
wondered if that would scale over the longer term rather than the
single inbox model we have at the moment? especially as we want to
break the image into more & more packages... what do you think? it is
just an idle thought at the moment.


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