[Pharo-project] Using software engineering practices and tools

Adrian Lienhard adi at netstyle.ch
Tue Feb 16 09:09:57 EST 2010

nice list!

On Feb 16, 2010, at 14:16 , Stéphane Ducasse wrote:

> Hi guys
> I had this draft in my drafts for some weeks now and I would like to share that with you.
> I'm really convinced that we could do a better job to build better tools and process to bring our software to the next level. I would like to have share with you some thoughts and analysis and also request for ideas and code of course :)
> - Bug tracking we are doing that but can we dream
> 	- would be nice to have the stack/image and that we could get back in the bug
> 	- scripting code.google.com would be nice too
> 		- to publish code
> 		- to manipulate script bug entries (any taker of that)
> - Integration server: we are getting there and I thank all the hudson experimentations.
> 	- we should get more of that.
> - Package Management: Metacello 
> 	- I would like to have Pharo1.0 certified metacello configs. 
> 	the ideas is that people can publish in a repositories the configs that they know are working 
> 	for 1.0, then in another for 1.1....
> 	-> once we have configurations + integration server we should burn servers running and testing
> 	-> what/how do we manage results
> 	- I would like to manage pharo (core + maintained packages with metacello) as well as pharo-dev
> - Profiling
> 	We got MessageTally (BTW in Squeak 3.xx all the code was in... SystemDictionary) cleaned
> 	Now it would be good to have better way to profile applications
> 	something like .... :) http://www.bootchart.org/images/bootchart.png
> - Documentation
> 	I hope to get some students to produce a way to script UMLish class diagrams that could be displayed
> 	at the level of a package. 
> 	Package level doc
> 	Package class comments overview browser.
> 	I think that this is really important to get nice comments, nice instance variables,
> 	nice temporary variables. Now we should find a way to make sure that 
> 	comments are well in sight. Any idea / code?
> - SmallLint
> 	Better UI and process using SmallLint
> 	Would be nice to have a sanity package checking process. Will probably come one of these days
> - Better Unit Test support
> 	We should look at Adrian fixes and enhancements
> 	Better reporting of tests
> - Better merging tools
> 	Seeing the impact of a delta between two versions on the image for example
> 	on that topic From VW mailing-list 
> 		"1.  Please make the engine highly configurable and disjoint from the UI.
> 		2.  Please make the UI itself pluggable, extensible, augmentable, etc.
> 		3.  To support automated merges, please allow rules for handling unresolved conflicts."
> I'm sure that there is more. We should get to the next level ;)
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