[Pharo-project] Fwd: [squeak-dev] Re: ScriptLoader loadFFI doesn't work anymore

Yanni Chiu yanni at rogers.com
Sun Feb 14 16:09:46 EST 2010

The last word on Metacello, that I recall reading in this list, is that 
it is an experiment. Has that changed? I'm happy enough to changed my 
habits, if that is the case.

In this case, my build script was loading Albatross, which had the 
dependency on FFI (so I was not directly interested in FFI). The script 
I had was pieced together somehow, long ago, and was using #loadFFI, 
which worked fine until a few days ago.

BTW, since all FFI-Examples packages were removed from the FFI 
repository, even Metacello "versions" would fail because the package is 
no longer there.


Stéphane Ducasse wrote:
>> did you check the configurationOfFFI ???
>> Does it exist?
>> Stef
>> On Feb 14, 2010, at 7:45 AM, Yanni Chiu wrote:
>>> Oops, this was on Pharo. I just checked Squeak3.11-9371-alpha.zip, and ScriptLoader>>loadFFI does not exist there.
>>> Anyhow, what is the proper way to load FFI?
>>> Yanni Chiu wrote:
>>>> "ScriptLoader loadFFI" now fails because the package FFI-Examples is no longer in the repository.
>>>> Does ScriptLoader need to be updated, or was the package deleted accidentally?

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