[Pharo-project] HelpSystem implementation

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Sun Feb 14 15:19:57 EST 2010

Hi Danny,

> - What is the reason to have HelpBuilder and to create a hierarchy of 
> HelpTopic instances mirroring the layout of the actual content classes?
> Why 
> not use the class objects directly?

HelpBuilder builds the topics/books from code. I just wanted to decouple
the storage mechanism (here ST source code). Topics/books could also
be stored in an external database/files or even created on the fly from
dynamic information.

> - Why do you use pragmas for the titles of the pages? If I understand 
> correctly, pragmas are for metadata of methods, but it seems to me that
> the 
> title of a page belongs to its data just as much as its contents do.

Did'nt like 

     ^#{'First Page Title' 'Contents'}

No other reason. Or we return a dictionary in #pages? 
Would this be better?


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