[Pharo-project] DateAndTime and TimeStamp precision

Miguel Enrique Cobá Martinez miguel.coba at gmail.com
Fri Feb 12 14:02:52 EST 2010

I am noticing that both

DateAndTime now
TimeStamp now

have a precision of seconds, that is, the nanos is always 0.

I am doing a bulk data creation and inserting them in a list with a
timestamp for each insertion but this isn't working because several
entries have the very same DateAndTime or Timestamp.

For example:

{DateAndTime. TimeStamp } collect: [ :class |
	| list |
	list := OrderedCollection new.
	1 to: 1000 do: [ :each |
		value := class now.
		list add: value ].
	list last - list first ]

gives an Array(0:00:00:00 0:00:00:00)

How can achieve smaller than a second timestamping in Pharo?
Miguel Cobá

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