[Pharo-project] OpenGL in pharo?

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Thu Feb 11 03:06:36 EST 2010

On Feb 10, 2010, at 3:01 AM, Javier Pimás wrote:

> Hi, I've been browsing the different ways to use OpenGL in pharo and squeak. Here is a log of the results:
> 1 - Baloon3D - It looks like a layer on which squeaksource.com/OpenGL stands, so to use opengl you load balloon3d, then opengl and if you have the Balloon3dPlugin available then you can use OpenGL. This seems to include code dated from 2007/before. It loads fine in Squeak but in pharo I get many errors (load balloon3d-all in pharo1.0 rc2).

Thanks Javier 
May be you should check the problem because I do not really see why this would be a real problem.
Can you let us know what is the error?

> 2 - GLMorphic - It uses FFI, so no plugin is needed, but it seems to be programmed only for windows, and I'm working in linux now.
> 3 - AlienOpenGL - It uses the new Alien FFI, which is only available in Mac platform.
> So, the question is: is there any way to play with OpenGL in pharo on linux platform ?
> Regards,
>              Javier.
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