[Pharo-project] Metacello - the missing information??

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IMHO, class comments would be far less important than helpful entry points and/or a brain dead simple façade interface to the whole thing (call it Loader or whatever else you care to provide).  As a could/should-be beta tester of Pharo, I don't so much care how Metacello works as how I am expected to use it.

In my own code, I sometimes write class comments, but what I do a LOT is comment inside methods, tagging them with mm-yy[*].  In porting some code to Pharo, I was saved in a big way by some comments from several years ago.  There were some long-standing (and previously undetected) bugs in it, and I would have had a hard time fixing them w/o those comments.


[*] yes, I use two-digit years for it - shoot me, perferably before 2093 or so when the dates will start to be become ambiguous<g>

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Ahhh, comments ... when I get a comment compiler, I will write comments along with the code...

With that said, you are correct that there are missing comments and writing comments _is_ on my todo list. 

If anyone is interested in taking a crack at writing comments for Metacello (before I get to it), then I would be willing to read and correct them.


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| On 07.02.2010 21:57, Dale Henrichs wrote:
| > Bill,
| >
| > This has been discussed before and there is development underway for
| Loader which is aimed at providing a scripting API for Metacello. You 
| are hitting the nail on the head, but the nail isn't quite ready to be
| hit:)
| >
| > Dale
| >    
| Speaking of missing information, personally I'd really like to see 
| some class comments :) (Think I found a single one last time I loaded
| Metacello)
| Cheers,
| Henry
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