[Pharo-project] Lectures at Barcelona 8-12 Feb 2010

Jordi Delgado jdelgado at lsi.upc.edu
Fri Feb 5 04:53:48 EST 2010


The course will take place from Monday Feb. 8th to Friday Feb. 12th
(every day, 10am to 12am) at the Omega Building, room S216, Campus
Nord UPC, Barcelona.

Here: http://www.fib.upc.edu/fib/centre/on.html
(notice the Omega building) 



> Hi guys
> I will give some lectures at barcelona on advanced OO design. 
> I will also have fun with Smalltalk the wednesday.
> If you are in the region and want to meet me and exchange code...
> You are welcome just drop to me or jordi a mail
> I will be teaching at Polytechnica de Catalunya Jordi knows where :)
> Stef
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