[Pharo-project] World Menu (was [BetaTesting] [ANN] Pharo1.0-10507-rc2dev10.01.2)

laurent laffont laurent.laffont at gmail.com
Thu Feb 4 14:55:51 EST 2010


I was thinking that there's no entry in the world menu to re-open the
welcome workspace. For beginners it may be useful ?

In World > Tools:
- duplicated entries: Class Browser, Workspace, Test Runner, Monticello

In World > Tools > More:
- Language editor / language editor for....   these tools look strange :)
- duplicated entries: Monticello Browser, Preference Browser, Test Runner
- someone use Search Browser and Services Browser ?
- MCConfigurationBrowser: what is the purpose of this tool ?
(may be we can remove this "Other tools" menu, merging it with tools)


Laurent Laffont

2010/1/22 Mariano Martinez Peck <marianopeck at gmail.com>

> Hi folks.  This is 1.0 RC2. Please, look at this image in a nice way
> because it is very likely that if there is no big issue, it will be 1.0
> official. We need to release 1.0.
> *
> Issues fixed*:  In addition to the fixes from the PharoCore, we have:
> 1033, 1182, 1826, 1862.
> *Big changes*:
> - Now we use OB from Lukas Renggli repository and we have ALL TESTS
> GREEN!!!     Thanks Lukas!
> - O2 loads again in the image without breaking OB. Read the workspace to
> see how to install it. Thanks David and Alexandre!
> - We have almost (only one failing here) ALL TESTS of the PharoDev image in
> green. They are more than 8800.
> *Smaller changes:
> *
> - Fixed the problem with Metacello and OCompletion. No more overrides.
> - System -> About now shows the real Pharo name, not the core. I am also
> being "compatible" with the new SystemVersion that we have in 1.1  :)
> Thanks Michael and Miguel!
> - I didn't left again my proxy settings. I fixed this in my build scripts.
> It should be clean  :)
> - Mercury bar is back again. If you want to disable:  Preferences disable:
> #mercuryPanel.
> - Added a lot of cleanups after creating the image, including condensing
> .changes
> - Added Refactoring-Spelling again.   Thanks Stan!
> - I wrote a ConfigurationOfNile instead of Nile-All and depends on
> Monticello dependencies.
> - New welcome workspaces. Also getting started workspace and another
> workspace explaining how to load external packages like Seaside (2.8 and 3),
> Magritte, Pier, Moose, GetTools, O2, etc. Finally it is also added a link to
> the new ProfStef :)
> Do you think that with this we are able to close issue1479 ?
> - Background with Pharo picture. This was a joke. It looked nice :)    I
> promise I don't put it again if you don't like. To remove it evaluate:
> World color: Color white.
> - Enable the preference fastDragWindowForMorphic. Sorry, but it most
> computers this works REALLY slow. If you want them back, just disable it.
> - When installing Seaside now doesn't ask for user and password (
> admin/seaside ). In addition, the Seaside Control Panel is only isntalled if
> OB is installed. This means that yu can install it in core or dev. Thanks
> Dale!
> - Disable of System Update for Dev images as it is not working properly.
> The link is:
> https://gforge.inria.fr/frs/download.php/25397/Pharo1.0-10508-rc2dev10.01.2.zip
> Cheers
> Mariano
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