[Pharo-project] Do you want to discuss about papers?

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Factors against releasing things include tipping off competitors, and that pesky "first public disclosure" requirement.  Still, I look forward to some discussion on things in press, and perhaps collaboration on proposals, if only the early stages of same.  At some point, people will have to resort to private discussions as ideas evolve until they reach an archival conclusion.

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Hi Mariano,

i like the idea of open research or open science :
Research ideas should be implemented as open-source software, papers
and date should be freely available to everyone.
But i think, you are a bit optimistic about discussing and sharing
about papers before they are submitting. People would like to share
their papers with close friends or colleagues, but i guess they will
not release they paper unfinish in a public mailing-list.

Ok. Perfect. Yes, I was just being to optimistic :)

In spite of this, i like the idea of sharing research ideas especially
among different communities. For example, i'm looking from interested
people to discuss ideas about using software engineering (especially
dynamic language like Smalltalk) in the context of robotics. I think
there is a lot of mutual interests here.

I like the idea of a smalltalk-research community because sometimes
you are a bit alone in your laboratory fighting against other people
that are doing Java or other boring stuff. Yes, there is some islands
around the world where several Smalltalkers are together, but these
are exceptions.
So i vote for smalltalk-research ;-)

Cool :)    So....we agree with the name smalltalk-research ?

Best regards,
Serge Stinckwich
UMI UMMISCO 209 (IRD/UPMC), Hanoi, Vietnam
Smalltalkers do: [:it | All with: Class, (And love: it)]

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