[Pharo-project] what happened with select:thenDo: etc. removal?

Esteban Lorenzano estebanlm at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 10:57:50 EST 2010

An explanation: I'm not asking for a removal, I want they to stay... 
but I remember there were a discussion, so I want to know the 
conclussion of that discussion (to use it or not, in the future).

On 2010-02-01 12:48:47 -0300, Esteban Lorenzano 
<estebanlm at gmail.com> said:

> Hi,
> I don't remember the conclusion of the discussion about removing
> select:thenDo:, collect:thenDo: etc...
> They will be removed or they will stay as part of pharo core?
> Cheers,
> Esteban

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