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Semaphores and Mutexes are the lower level tools.  **Critical sections** implemented in terms of blocks are the fantastic part.

The little that I know about functional languages and their immutable data structures suggests that a LOT of copying occurs.  That has to be expensive in terms of scheduling and memory footprint.


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On 23/03/2009, at 7:37 AM, Michael van der Gulik wrote:

> Anybody who relies on the behaviour of the scheduler deserves to be 
> forced to program in BASIC. Semaphores work; use them.

And they work with native threads, which was my point. A more pedantic answer to your response is that you take advantage of the scheduler all the time when considering priorities and atomicity, but I agree with the intent of your statement.

> Smalltalk, the language rather than the implementation, already has 
> fantastic support for concurrency. Smalltalkers just don't know how to 
> use it. We don't need to rethink the model, we just need to learn to 
> use what we have.

Mutexes and semaphores are hardly 'fantastic'. The state of the art in support for concurrency is way beyond what Smalltalk provides - locking is both primitive and generally not scalable.

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