[Pharo-project] I need some advice (was Re: [squeak-dev] Organising and Documenting Micro-Universes in Squeaksource)

Janko Mivšek janko.mivsek at eranova.si
Sat Mar 21 05:24:23 EDT 2009


Let me say few words from my experience, because such fork actually
happened to Swazoo, which maintainer I am. So, was I insulted? Well, I
was surely not happy, but insulted? No!

I took that as a competitive pressure to be even better with main Swazoo
line. To prove therefore with deeds that our branch is the best.

So please, don't mix competition with insulting. Use the competitive
pressure (anger if you wish) to ride on it and be even better! Prove
yourself with your work!

Community is wise enough to be able to choose the best contender at the
end. If you are chosen, celebrate, if you are not, analyze situation and
be better next time, but don't give up, and specially don't feel insulted!

Best regards

Keith Hodges pravi:
>> I think you have a full right to decide what [not] to include in Pharo.
>> Keith mentioned that you making many changes to many different parts
>> of system , which supposed to be maintained by original authour(s) or
>> currently active team(s), without giving a feedback or credit or
>> consulting with them about promoting such changes.
>> Okay, i think you're not stepping into other's domain.. it would be rude..
>> But its going to be tricky, when you change the package X (not
>> maintained by anyone), from which depends a lot of work, which doing
>> in parallel by other team for package Y, which depends on X.
>> Here lies the problem, which can be solved by communicating with
>> people. Of course it requires the good will of both sides :)
> Igor,
> I am not understanding your logic.
> You appear to be saying that if package X has got current maintainers,
> then it is not rude to make your own version of Package X. And that if
> you fork a package that has no maintainer then you will be in trouble.
> I am saying the opposite - that if you fork a package that has got
> current maintainers, you
> a) insult the maintainers,
> b) you undermine the progress that they may have made,
> c) you undermine any efforts thay have made to build a team and
> communication around that project.
> d) you prevent future progress by the existing team
> e) you make extra work for the exisiting team because you dont
> communicate with them and they are forced to play catch up to you all
> the time
> f) you send out the message that volunteering to maintain any part of
> the kernel is a hapless task, and will ultimately be a waste of time and
> effort.
> Keith
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