[Pharo-project] New Compiler

Lukas Renggli renggli at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 04:59:02 EST 2009

Hi Jorge,

great to hear. I have two things that I wish you add to your list:

1. My first wish also affects the old compiler, but that should be
easy to fix in Pharo. Currently there are dozens of selectors in
Behavior that hardcode the currently used compiler #parseClass,
#compilerClass, #evaluatorClass, #decompilerClass,
#subclassDefinerClass, ... I would prefer to have exactly one entry
point, for example under the name #compiler. This object could act
like a compiler MOP on the receiving class and set through a
preference for all classes of the system that do not override this
method themselves. This would make it much cleaner to have different
compilers in the image, swap them on the fly, get rid of various hacks
and overrides and even allow to unload the old compiler.

2. My second wish is only about the new compiler. One thing stroke me
when working on transactional memory and domain specific languages, is
that the new compiler isn't as extensible as it advertises. The
problem is there is no central place where the different phases
(parsing, annotation, bytecode generation) of the compilation is
triggered. Currently this happens at various places throughout the
system. This has not only the problem that extending the compiler is
difficult without patching it, but also makes it nearly impossible to
get certain information at a particular place of the process. For
example, during parsing it is not know in what class the method is
supposed to be compiled, or during bytecode generation I don't know
the source code anymore, etc. I suggest to introduce a compilation
context, that is accessible anywhere and that can pass necessary
information through the compilation phases. Furthermore I suggest to
implement the delegation to the different parts of the compiler in a
deticated object that can be subclassed and used for example if
somebody wants to cleanly replace, customize or extend certain parts
of the compiler.


Lukas Renggli

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