[Pharo-project] A point a.k.a excuse to you

Stéphane Ducasse Stephane.Ducasse at inria.fr
Sun Mar 1 16:29:10 EST 2009

Hi guys

I probably should not have forwarded to you the email I replied to  
but I was thinking that other people can know that I was personally  
by the situation in Squeak.
I'm sorry about.

We got a lot of bird names and others. Recently somebody was implying  
marcus was bashing squeak because he sent an email on the pharo  
mailing-list stating that the situation
for keyboard was worse in squeak.
I'm fed up. I'm interested in pharo because I want to create free and  
good energy.
We did a lot in the past and I want to continue. Now I unregistered  
from the squeak mailing-list
and I will not justify anymore why I quit. Now I want pharo to be cool.


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