[Pharo-project] uiTheme Standard Squeak uses ~96% CPU

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Tue Jan 20 03:31:36 EST 2009


  Issue 454:
uiTheme Standard Squeak uses ~96% CPU
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Reported by wsgibson1967, Today (5 hours ago)
I know. As much as I really like the Watery 2 uiTheme theme I also  
really like to use the Standard Squeak theme. I have found on both my  
Mac and Windows systems that when using the Standard Squeak theme with  
Pharo (core or dev) that the CPU usage will go very high. If a normal  
amount of windows are open the CPU usage goes upwards to 96%. I do not  
get this with the Watery 2 or Soft Squeak themes. In case this is  
useful, I am using TrueType fonts that are standard to each platform.  
To reproduce: 1) Change to Standard Squeak theme 2) Open two code  
browsers and select methods from any class (just opening browsers  
without drilling down to methods do not produce as much of an effect)  
3) Open a Test Runner window 4) Open a Monticello Browser The CPU will  
increase to roughly 96%. I also would like to mention that you guys  
have done an INCREDIBLE job with Pharo! I am totally impressed with  
the amount of work done with Pharo as well as its quality. Thank you  
for stepping up to the challenge!

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