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Bill Schwab BSchwab at anest.ufl.edu
Wed Jan 14 14:07:20 EST 2009


No argument here.  I find Watery a little bright for my taste, but
suspect that will ease off when I set the background colors to my
preference.  There are aspects of Vistary that I like, though at least
in the older versions that I have used more extensively, there is a
little bit of a performance hit, and the button text can be hard to
read.  Given the choice between two non-ugly options, I will invariably
go for the snappy one over the eye candy.

FWIW, I think one of the things I like most about Vistary is that the
notifiers and debuggers are easier to identify than they are in recent
Watery with OB.  STV had really strong red notifiers, and I hated them. 
The clay rose that eventually evolved in Squeak was nice because it drew
attention w/o being overpowering.  I am _not_ saying we should regress -
I greatly appreciate what you have been doing.  I will do something to
get my ledger green editors back, and might try a subtle toning of the
stack list in the debugger; I'd have to see it to know whether it is a
useful clue or something Steve Jobs would have erased from my disk :)

Another plus on Vistary is that the title bar text ends up being easy to
read; Watery's title bar font seems a little thin to me.  But, simply
thickening it might be too much??

Most of this is editorial background noise.  You offer great options and
they will no doubt get better over time.  Watery does appear to be
standing out as the leader right now.  Whether that is because it is
truly more effective or simply because we have a lot of mac users giving
attention to it is largely irrelevant.

Thanks for the making choice so difficult!!!!


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>>> gazzaguru2 at btinternet.com 01/14/09 1:18 PM >>>
Guess Watery2 will be the Pharo look-and-feel... not had any
from Samuel for some time now...

So, I'm focussing on Watery2 for the moment. The SVGs and exports do
some time. Square button corners next then the window controls
with Vistary as proof-of-concept).

Regards, Gary. 

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