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> Damien, all,
> Very impressive!  I am looking forward to the new parser and a few
> other things, but the results are speaking for themselves.  One cosmetic
> detail is that OB and Vistary (and even SoftSqueak) are not nearly as
> happy as OB and Watery 2.  I notice it most in the buttons, especially
> those "in" the source pane.
> Gary, thinking ahead some (ok, a LOT), to deployed desktop apps, have
> you given any thought to how one would create an alignment morph (or
> whatever you recommend) maximized in the world to allow the non-client
> parts of the host window to take over as the title bar and friends?  Or,
> are you expecting us to move to a way to allow individual host windows?
> At some point, I would want to create what amounts to an SDI app.
> Currently, the feel is essentially MDI.

There is a FullscreenMorph in Polymorph-Widgets that we use. StandardWindow 
and subclasses support openFullscreen along with a few other bits to help 
out in deployed applications (see class comment).
To change the host-windows title you will need to change your Squeak.ini 
(trickier in Linux...).

Preferences class>>disableProgrammerFacilitiesWithoutWarning may also be of 
some help for deployed applications ;-)

Regards, Gary.

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