[Pharo-project] new look / monticello UI

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Mon Jan 12 10:18:36 EST 2009

I hope that I will find some time this evening to produce a new version.


On Jan 12, 2009, at 3:27 PM, Gary Chambers wrote:

> There is a newer version of Polymorph-Tools-Diff on SqueakSource  
> that tidies
> some things up (including not merging when window closed if no  
> conflicts.
> This was original MC behaviour that was replicated).
> As for modality... since MC uses a notification to spawn conflict  
> resolution
> the window must be modal in some way. The original behaviour was to
> effecively run a local Morphic event loop at the point of spawning.  
> Multiple
> merge/conflict windows could be opened though the merge order would  
> always
> be last-first. IMHO it is not a good idea to be merging multiple  
> things at
> once since the basis for a merge may have changed due to later merges,
> leading to potentially odd results. I'll stand by the modality,  
> though I may
> be convinced to make it window modal rather than system modal,  
> allowing
> those who want to invite chaos to do so ;-) Since Polymorph utilises
> ToolBuilder>>runModal: this would be effectively the same behaviour  
> (local
> event loop).
> The (work-in-progress) arrows/tick/crosss on the splitter are now  
> disabled
> if anything other than a conflict is selected. Note that only  
> conflicts
> allow selection of keeping-current/using-incoming anyway.
> Still digging away at working out what can be achieved with MC.  
> Looks like
> it may be possible to have alternate source either typed or  
> composited from
> individual differences in the case of a conflict that is also a
> modification. Going to try stuffing new source in the  
> "remote" (incoming)
> definition and see what happens!
> Sadly I don't think I can do anything for removals/additions (when a  
> method
> changes package it comes up as a removal).
> I'm going to add titles to each source pane showing the package/ 
> version for
> each to help clarify things. I may also, for removals, be able to  
> show the
> package/source of the in-image version if people think that would be
> helpful.
> Regards, Gary.
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>>> guys, I'm liking the new UI in Pharo.  I've noticed in the  
>>> Monticello
>>> browser that the buttons now don't have an enabled/disabled  
>>> state.  Is
>>> this intentional or noticed?
>> It's already in the issue tracker system.
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