[Pharo-project] new look / monticello UI

Gary Chambers gazzaguru2 at btinternet.com
Mon Jan 12 09:27:47 EST 2009

There is a newer version of Polymorph-Tools-Diff on SqueakSource that tidies 
some things up (including not merging when window closed if no conflicts. 
This was original MC behaviour that was replicated).

As for modality... since MC uses a notification to spawn conflict resolution 
the window must be modal in some way. The original behaviour was to 
effecively run a local Morphic event loop at the point of spawning. Multiple 
merge/conflict windows could be opened though the merge order would always 
be last-first. IMHO it is not a good idea to be merging multiple things at 
once since the basis for a merge may have changed due to later merges, 
leading to potentially odd results. I'll stand by the modality, though I may 
be convinced to make it window modal rather than system modal, allowing 
those who want to invite chaos to do so ;-) Since Polymorph utilises 
ToolBuilder>>runModal: this would be effectively the same behaviour (local 
event loop).

The (work-in-progress) arrows/tick/crosss on the splitter are now disabled 
if anything other than a conflict is selected. Note that only conflicts 
allow selection of keeping-current/using-incoming anyway.

Still digging away at working out what can be achieved with MC. Looks like 
it may be possible to have alternate source either typed or composited from 
individual differences in the case of a conflict that is also a 
modification. Going to try stuffing new source in the "remote" (incoming) 
definition and see what happens!

Sadly I don't think I can do anything for removals/additions (when a method 
changes package it comes up as a removal).

I'm going to add titles to each source pane showing the package/version for 
each to help clarify things. I may also, for removals, be able to show the 
package/source of the in-image version if people think that would be 

Regards, Gary.

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>> guys, I'm liking the new UI in Pharo.  I've noticed in the Monticello
>> browser that the buttons now don't have an enabled/disabled state.  Is
>> this intentional or noticed?
> It's already in the issue tracker system.
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