[Pharo-project] Next Issue ;-)

Bill Schwab BSchwab at anest.ufl.edu
Tue Jan 6 10:41:30 EST 2009

I saw some similar goofiness at one point, but do not recall whether it
was related to cryptography.  I am interested in it and the SSL classes.
 I managed to install same at one point, but it is no longer clear how I
did it.  Mining the change log of the most recent image where it works
(I have one) and/or searching my email exchanges with Ron might help. 
The idea being to figure out when it worked and then look for special
instructions that I might have followed.

Gary, it would be nice to have your mutex fix in Pharo.  One of the
first things I would hope to get working on Pharo is very multi-process
oriented, and a reliable #adddeferredUIMessage: would be most helpful.


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>>> gazzaguru2 at btinternet.com 01/06/09 7:22 AM >>>
That is normally a symptom of something updating the World morphs in a 
non-UI process.
Morphs should only be changed from the UI process otherwise all kind of 
inconsistencies can happen.
WorldState addDeferredUIMessage: can be used top safely perform actions
for some applications, finer control is needed.

We have developed Squeak applications that are of necessity
driven and were forced to modify WorldState to allow (mutex based) 
synchronisation with the event loop, thus avoiding the issues.

Regards, Gary.

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> I'm trying to load cryptography 1.1 from the Universe browser.
> Everything seems to go well, and the dialog completes and exits.
> Immediately following that, whenever the mouse moves over any morphs,
> you get the below traceback. the ivars leftMorphs, enteredMorphs, and
> overMorphs are all nil, but are being treated as collections...
> UndefinedObject(Object)>>doesNotUnderstand: #includes:
> MouseOverHandler>>noticeMouseOver:event:
> HandMorph>>noticeMouseOver:event:
> OBTextMorphWithShout(Morph)>>handleMouseOver:
> MouseEvent>>sentTo:
> OBTextMorphWithShout(Morph)>>handleEvent:
> MorphicEventDispatcher>>dispatchDefault:with:
> MorphicEventDispatcher>>dispatchEvent:with:
> OBTextMorphWithShout(Morph)>>processEvent:using:
> MorphicEventDispatcher>>dispatchDefault:with:
> MorphicEventDispatcher>>dispatchEvent:with:
> TransformMorph(Morph)>>processEvent:using:
> MorphicEventDispatcher>>dispatchDefault:with:
> MorphicEventDispatcher>>dispatchEvent:with:
> OBPluggableTextMorphWithShout(Morph)>>processEvent:using:
> MorphicEventDispatcher>>dispatchDefault:with:
> MorphicEventDispatcher>>dispatchEvent:with:
> OBGroupingMorph(Morph)>>processEvent:using:
> MorphicEventDispatcher>>dispatchDefault:with:
> MorphicEventDispatcher>>dispatchEvent:with:
> SystemWindow(Morph)>>processEvent:using:
> MorphicEventDispatcher>>dispatchDefault:with:
> MorphicEventDispatcher>>dispatchEvent:with:
> PasteUpMorph(Morph)>>processEvent:using:
> PasteUpMorph>>processEvent:using:
> PasteUpMorph(Morph)>>processEvent:
> HandMorph>>sendEvent:focus:clear:
> HandMorph>>sendMouseEvent:
> HandMorph>>handleEvent:
> MouseOverHandler>>processMouseOver:
> HandMorph>>handleEvent:
> HandMorph>>processEvents
> [] in WorldState>>doOneCycleNowFor: {[:h |  ActiveHand := h.  h
> processEvents.  ActiveHand := nil]}
> Array(SequenceableCollection)>>do:
> WorldState>>handsDo:
> WorldState>>doOneCycleNowFor:
> WorldState>>doOneCycleFor:
> PasteUpMorph>>doOneCycle
> [] in Project class>>spawnNewProcess {[[World doOneCycle.  Processor
> yield.  false] whileFalse.  nil]}
> [] in BlockContext>>newProcess {[self value.  Processor
> terminateActive]}
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