[Pharo-project] Collection extensions

Gary Chambers gazzaguru2 at btinternet.com
Mon Jan 5 12:53:52 EST 2009

Can't remember the number of times I've had to implement these kinds of 
generally useful methods on various Smalltalk dialects (particularly 
#groupedBy:, called it #categorizedBy: myself ;-) ). Really should be part 
of all Smalltalks. I'd push for general adoption/standardisation for every 
dialect! That's the only way Smalltalk is going to evolve, the "ANSI 
standard" is years behind!

Regards, Gary.

> So why do we do pharo. Really. If everything as to be compatible with
> other
> smalltalk. Terrible.
> Can't we get smarter?
> Why can't we tag the methods with <notAnsi> and build a tool that
> check when you
> do a fill out. I do not write code to be portable to VisualWorks so?
>> I would prefer to have such extension methods separate from the core.
> Me not. Because then in a lot of places I will have to inline their
> body.
> Stef
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