[Pharo-project] pharo is... ?

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Sun Jan 4 04:31:28 EST 2009

Another really important point about pharo.
We want to make sure that the system as a whole can CHANGE and EVOLVE.
Of course change is costly because it can impact others but this is  
really important
if we do not accept change there is no way that the system can get  
A good system is like simCity and not like a stack of stuff added one  
on top of the

Then we want pharo to be the vehicule to invent new systems. We want  
to make sure that Smalltalkers can build great abstractions which are  
the strength of the language.

We would like to have better support for creating new languages,  
A concrete example, we would like to have first class instance  
variables instead of plain string
(The benefits are really important - I will not explain that here).  
But if you look
at Tweak (at one point) the class definition got added XML  
specification to have different instance
variable kinds: We do want XML for that since it can be done in  
Smalltalk and also
we do not want to patch the compiler just for that but we would like  
to have first class instance
variable with a nice protocol to be able to specify different instance  
variable semantics.
Of course it will take time because we want to pay attention not to  
break ....
and we should find the time to do it.

In pharo
	- we do not accept anymore to see a bad method and close our eyes
	(ref to pragmatic programmers book and the story about the broken  
window - the point is that if
	you walk in a street with dirt everywhere, papers on the floor and  
you leave in a house with one broken window,
	may be you will throw away paper on the floor and probably you will  
care when the next window
	will be broken. We want a system where there is no dirt on the floor  
(or controlled) and broken windows got repaired
	as soon as they appear)
	- we do not accept not to integrate a good fix because it may break  
an old experiment
	nobody maintain anymore.

Also the fact to have a leaner system will make sure that we can  
maintain it adapt it ...
test it, document more easily.


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