[Pharo-project] pharo is... ?

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Sun Jan 4 04:15:42 EST 2009

Hi jon

> I just started playing with it a day ago.

Excellent, tell us your experience, join if you want.
> From what I can tell, its a cleaned up, slimmed down squeak intended
> for serious webapp development.

This is one of the goal.
We are currently cleaning it.

> The problem with squeak is its not "accessible" as a serious
> programming platform.  It has too many toys and the morphic stuff
> needs to be "toned down" as its just too different from our everyday
> desktop experience.
> I'm guessing pharo is trying to correct that and also give you a
> slimmed down platform for deployment as well.
> I'll keep watching this project to see if it takes off.

It will.
Compared to Squeak it is already far better.

> I was a serious smalltalker many years ago.  In terms of an accessible
> toolset, IMO opinion, the best one was killed in 1996 (Digitalk's
> Visual Smalltalk "Team").  Sure, IBM's (VA now at Instantiations) and
> ParcPlace's (now Cincom) are solid environments.  But for me, I have
> never felt at home with those tools.  Lets hope Pharo gets it right so
> I can use Smalltalk again.

This is open-source so if you contribute it may happen to be what you
are looking for. Else it will be what the others have time and energy  
to invest.
I would really like to have a UI builder and a much better UI toolkit  
for example
but I do not have the time and knowledge to work on it.

Still in the first phase we will clean the PopUp Plague and it should  
ease the introduction
different UI in the future.

> As a starting point for you, here is what I did just yesterday:
> 1 - download the latest "dev" one click installer.  Its not really an
> installer, you just download, un-zip and launch the VM.
> 2 - go to http://builder.seaside.st/ an click on the "Development"
> link near the top.  After all the check boxes get selecetd for you, go
> to the bottom of the page and select the link "Load script".  Take
> this load script and drop and drop it on your running Pharo dev vm and
> it will install  Seaside for you.

I was not aware it worked that way.

Pharo is still in alpha-phase.

> That's cool!!!
> thanks, Jon
> On Jan 4, 2009, at 9:28 AM, Sean Allen wrote:
>> I started using Squeak a few months ago, mostly in a time permitting
>> fashion.. 2-3 weeks ago, I saw a Pharo related message come across
>> that list and joined here to see what Pharo is. I'm still not  
>> entirely
>> sure, so I'm asking...
>> Pharo is... ?
>> The little bit of marketing on the website makes it sound appealing
>> and I'm sure if I had more experience with Squeak then downloading  
>> the
>> one click and running it and poking around would have answered a ton
>> of questions but, I don't have the Squeak background to have that be
>> meaningful.
>> Is there a document somewhere that says what Pharo is meant to be.
>> What initial concrete changes from Squeak where done/are going to be
>> done?
>> I really need something as a jumping off point...
>> Thanks for any pointers,
>> Sean
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