[Pharo-project] pharo is... ?

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Sun Jan 4 04:10:54 EST 2009

Hello Sean

> I started using Squeak a few months ago, mostly in a time permitting
> fashion.. 2-3 weeks ago, I saw a Pharo related message come across
> that list and joined here to see what Pharo is. I'm still not entirely
> sure, so I'm asking...
> Pharo is... ?
> The little bit of marketing on the website makes it sound appealing
> and I'm sure if I had more experience with Squeak then downloading the
> one click and running it and poking around would have answered a ton
> of questions but, I don't have the Squeak background to have that be
> meaningful.

Pharo's goal is to be a clean free-open source Smalltalk.
To remove a lot of cruft due to etoy experiences and other left over.
We want a system that we can use to present good design to good  
I was always torn apart to show Squeak in my oop design lectures  
because of
the various Lovecraft horrors living under the squeak sea.

> Is there a document somewhere that says what Pharo is meant to be.

The web page

> What initial concrete changes from Squeak where done/are going to be
> done?

You can see all the change in the ScriptLoader new logContents
For the next changes you can check the bug tracker and also the next  
For the large items:
	Sophie network and cleanup
	Event cleanup
	Sophie URI
But this will be for the next miletones.

> I really need something as a jumping off point...

We are all working with Pharo, lukas and others are using pharo for  
developing Seaside.
So this is not just a project in the air.

> Thanks for any pointers,
> Sean
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