[Pharo-project] Fwd: [Seaside-dev] preliminary Seaside 2.9 alpha universe

Keith Hodges keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Sep 28 12:50:22 EDT 2008

Stéphane Ducasse wrote:
> Hi Damien
> I can give you an explanation but keith will not like it.
> Note that I like the ideas that he is pushing and that I started to
> write a chapter for the next book on installer.
>     - Keith idea that everybody can build its own distribution is not
> something that everybody like
It is what the community has been talking about and doing for the past
few years. I started by providing a Seaside-Magma-Pier image, now
instead I can provide a Seaside-Magma-Pier entry in Sake/Packages which
will work in any image that the squeak community typically uses.

There are people now building one-click Pier images, and one click
Seaside images, but this is going back to doing it the old way, and it
will not be generally useful, since every major project builds their own
image. For example Gjallar, Sophie, WebStore (my Project) etc.
>     - For example I would like to have a real look at MC1.6 but the
> message around it is blurry
I am sure that Matthew will be able to make the message clearer, in the
meantime please do not overlook the months of work that have gone into
>     I tried LFP and it broke on me.
That was simply the wiki complaining that it was being hit too hard. LPF
has been working for many people for months, you just got unlucky. It
may be fixed.
>     - I like installer but when I look at the code I would like to
> refactor it.
Of course, Installer is designed with that future refactoring in mind.
Keeping everything in one class was an initial design goal for the
purpose of "looking slim" and gaining acceptance. Now that Installer has
gained some acceptance it may be time to tidy up the code. I still like
the one class feature, but at some point the maintainability will suffer
too much.
>     - There is no document in a nice format that explain why and how
> (i'm fixing that for installer
Installer has a class comment and this is available on the squeak wiki,
and http://installer.pbwiki.com/Installer what more do you want?
>     and I was waiting because I will refactor it else I do not publish
> the chapter but I did not want to
>     insult keith since this is not the point since I like installer).
>     - unknown is strnage :)
>     - So if you want to help me I would love to have a
>         - Installer code refactored
>         - Installer chapter
>         - Sake (have a look at the code)
>         - Sake Chapter for the book
Sounds good to me!


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