[Pharo-project] On Icons

David Röthlisberger squeak at webcitas.ch
Tue Sep 23 04:35:50 EDT 2008

Hi Stef,

 > So may be we should have combination of the information.
 > =>
 >     this method is abstract and there are specialisation:
 >         normally this should be quite rare that the method is not
 > overridden.

yes. In that case maybe only showing the abstract icon when there's not 
specialization yet?

 >     So conclusion having both information would be good.
 >     May be we should get two icons because screen space is cheap.

well, not too cheap... Having two icons might make matters even worse, at least for 
Lukas, right? ;)
I would rather go for one icon containing both information, like the one for 
overridding methods that also override superclass methods.

 > David I found that
 > add: newObject
 >     self shouldNotImplement
 > is displayed in cyan as abstract but this is not the same.

hm, CompiledMethod >> isAbstract is wrong then...
CompiledMethod class >> abstractMarkers also contains #shouldNotImplement, that's why 
this happens. I will use my own method to check for abstract methods then.


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