[Pharo-project] I would like to clean the inbox! Please read

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Sat Nov 8 07:45:54 EST 2008

No totally I just clean what I could.
For example, I asked you if you could redo your embedded world.
because with the changes lukas did we got a lot of noise.

Again I repeat it, when we open the pharoinbox this is difficult for  
us (even if the merging of MC helps a lot)
to know what is the slice for, its importance, impact...

>> Except I you shout and tell me that your code is ready for  
>> integration.
> Does it mean you will ignore everything but these 3 fixes? I don't
> understand why.

No I'm cleaning. There were old submissions hanging around.

> If you don't have time, just don't harvest them.

this is not the point.
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