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>>> renggli at gmail.com 12/18/08 12:34 PM >>>
> I've discussed with Stephane and may be we can fix all the methods
that have :
>   _ instead of :=
>  or some methods have [ :    myArg ... ] instead of [ :myArg .... ]

I agree that the use of := should be enforced. I would also like to be
able to use _ in names.

However: The parser should allow spaces after the $: in block
arguments. This is essentially the same syntax as for keyword method
declarations without a keyword and there you also allow arbitrary
spaces after the colon (normally you even put them there). So I
understand when people write block arguments the same way as they do
for keyword method declarations:

      to: stop by: step

      [ : stop : step | ... ]

> So we can use a parser that strictly check that we respect grammar.
> There is in this mail an attach file that contains the list of the
classes and
> methods that are not corrects.

All Smalltalk allow spaces after the $: in blocks. Disallowing this
makes porting unnecessary hard.


Lukas Renggli

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