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Romain Robbes romain.robbes at lu.unisi.ch
Thu Dec 4 09:11:13 EST 2008

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the interest! I just finished my Ph.D., so I must say my  
mind is a bit elsewhere at the moment ;-).
Here is the extension to eCompletion I made. Keep in mind that the  
code will probably not load cleanly as parts of it depend on the code  
in my prototype which is larger.

There are two packages:

- ChangeCompletion contains the code I used to measure the accuracy of  
the benchmark, and the variants of the completion algorithm itself. It  
also contains some overrides I needed to introduce more flexibility in  
- OCompletion contains the code of a small UI experiment, where  
completion is "always activated", i.e. you don't need to press tab or  
control-space to get the menu, it is always there, but with only two  
or three propositions at each time.

As for some general comments about how ecompletion is implemented,  
here is what I can tell you (you can ask me more of course).

ECompletion has an ECEntry object that represents a completion  
proposal (one of the items in the menu). They are sorted  
alphabetically. I introduced a version containing a date to sort them  
according to usage.
ECContext is the class that is the actual engine and returns a model  
of the system when asked for completion. The model in turn gives a  
list of entries for a given prefix. There are several kinds of models  
returned, depending
if the type of the receiver  is known (eg a model for a class, or the  
general untyped model of the system). The models use tables of symbols  
that they convert to entries when asked for a completion.

Based on this, I introduced variants of completion algorithms by  
introducing subclasses of ECContext and ECTypedModel and  
ECUntypedModel, that build tables of symbols according to recent  
changes in the system.
I introduced a processChange: method in ECContext for that. It uses  
the change representation of my prototype to do so, so you would  
probably need to change that (e.g. use the SystemChangeNotifier and  
the normal smalltalk parser).
It selects the interesting entries according to the algorithm, and  
includes the date so that they are ordered as they should. I think the  
one with the "recent method bodies" algorithm is the one named  
ECECContext3 (I am aware the name is horrible ;-)).

Finally, to activate the whole thing, I recommend you to have a  
subclass of the ECController (like the OController I implemented).

You then need to switch from one to the other in a method in  
StringHolder such as:

	^  (bool ifTrue: [OController] ifFalse: [ECController]) model: self

It's important to have a way to toggle the completion off without  
typing in case it breaks ;-).


On Dec 3, 2008, at 1:07 PM, Simon Denier wrote:

> Hi guys
> This is something really interesting to me so if you dont have time, I
> can take a look at it, either to the paper or the code if Romain can
> put it somewhere.
> David, do you have some pointers about the recent modification list in
> OB?
> As a newcomer, I dont know who is the developper/maintainer for
> eCompletion.
> On 2 déc. 08, at 18:52, David Röthlisberger wrote:
>> Hi Romain,
>>> But I believe the algorithms are described clearly enough in the
>>> paper. The one which provides the more "Bang for the Buck" would be
>>> "Recently Modified Method Bodies"
>>> which proposes as completion entries the methods calls in the
>>> bodies of methods which were recently changed (ordered by time, ie
>>> most recent first). A further (but small) improvement would be to
>>> merge it with type inference when the information is available.
>>> Such as algorithm would be quite small to implement.
>> But you implemented those algorithms already in your prototype I
>> think?
>> Would it be possible to extract them from this large prototype and
>> put them in a separate package that we can easily load?
>> That would be really great.
>> David
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Romain Robbes
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